ID Theft – a Growing and Personal Cyber Threat

By David Shaw, CEO CBA Inc.

Well, the saga of ID theft continues to plague our household. We dutifully completed our 2016 personal taxes and when our CPA attempted to file the taxes electronically, the IRS rejected the filing stating that someone using my SSN had already filed. We immediately filed an ID Theft Affidavit with the IRS, notified law enforcement (having no idea at this time the origin of the fraudulent submission or the amount claimed), and have also alerted our financial institutions and the credit bureaus.
Recommend if you have or are experiencing ID theft take immediate action and if it involves the IRS, suggest following the advice provided in the Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft at
Untangling ID theft attacks from your personal and business financial interests is not an easy task. Our experience has shown that your banking institutions and other personal financial entities will be very helpful to you in working out of the ID theft pit you have been thrown into. However, third parties are only a tool for us to use in the healing process.
The ultimate responsibility is still with us only to ensure all facets of our financial interests and other areas the ID thief has engaged are secured and that we alert the proper authorities to these misadventures. This is a time-consuming task and encourages certain negative emotions towards the ID thief who has violated the sanctuary of my family’s personal lives.
Perhaps more to share as this learning experience matures.