Cybersecurity Challenge - 2017

By David Shaw, CEO CBA Inc.

As we begin this new year, now is the time to state our market position. Moving forward as CBA Inc. is a bold move that serves to better define our client value proposition. Over the past few years our growth has been defined by several dynamics, the most prevalent being our performance, rated outstanding by our clients. We consistently work hard at exceeding their expectations, no matter the challenge.
Our company core values are embedded on our website and in our performance. If we cannot add significant value to our customer’s cybersecurity and information assurance position we will not engage. We have assembled a team of expert cybersecurity consultants, technology professionals, and working affiliates which we continue to expand as talent becomes available and oft-times seeks us out.
During the past few years, both the government and private sectors have experienced a dramatic increase in cyberattacks. Threat surfaces such as the Cloud and other data sources that house Internet of Things, Intellectual Property, Personally Identifiable Information, and other lucrative targets are under constant attack. Insider threat, malicious and incidental, have risen to become the most prevalent threat actor and the major cause of loss to date.
Going forward, the threat landscape is changing dramatically. We are fighting an increasingly smart and well-funded adversary. The probability of a breach is now one. That means that collectively, we are facing a silent war in cyberspace that will change our way of life. Everything you and I do as a business is threatened. Statistically, a simple majority of small to medium sized businesses will not survive a breach (The National Cyber Security Alliance conducted a study of small businesses, finding that 60% of small businesses close within six months of experiencing a data breach).
One of our direct affiliates combating electronic crimes is the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF). In 1995, the Secret Service created the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force. As a result of its success, Congress mandated the establishment of a national network to prevent, detect and investigate electronic crimes, including potential terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure and financial payment systems. Today, the Secret Service’s 39 ECTFs leverage the combined resources of academia, the private sector, local, state and federal law enforcement. Working as a public-private-partnership, CBA provides a reach into the private sector on behalf of the ECTF with cyber awareness training, incident response planning and exercising, along with introducing and encouraging business to leverage investigation and enforcement of electronic crimes against them through the ECTF, affiliated local law enforcement agencies and the legal establishment prosecuting the threat actors.
CBA continues to build a highly proficient and experienced global cybersecurity team that is methodically assessing and amending vulnerabilities in critical infrastructures for small to Fortune 50 sized businesses in the private and public sectors. We have a greatly heighted sense of urgency as the threat actors gain momentum in their abilities to exfiltrate intellectual property, disrupt operations, destroy property, take lives, and severely damage economies at all levels. Cybersecurity vigilance is a cultural change from the network systems through the C-Suite by the way we do business in a cyber manipulated world.
This is a journey without a destination while traveling at a high rate of speed on unimproved, mountainous terrain in a dense fog. The business of cybersecurity and information assurance is no longer simply defined with network tools and individual skills applied at micro targets, but a tightly orchestrated consortium of experts armed with increasingly adaptable knowledge, extraordinary skills, and honed expertise. As the foundation of our existence is digitized, we must adapt a cultural change to live productively in this environment without fear of loss and abandonment if or when our digital systems are compromised and are no longer accessible.
We are engaged in asymmetric cyber warfare on a global scale. The black hats have no rules or boundaries, unlike us; and they are largely motivated by stimuli that is quite provoking, aided by tools and systems that are powerful and most effective. Only a more skilled, cyber matured, and motivated workforce on our side can slow or even systemically halt their momentum. Thus, CBA Inc…Onward.