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This is the space where our team of global experts bring you their insights into the latest cyber an...
Briguette Carstensen

New Year New Us!

Global Business Analysis (GBA) Inc. is now Cyber Business Analytics (CBA) Inc! We take pride in ou...
Briguette Carstensen

CBA is now a TEG7 Affiliate!

CBA recently joined TEG7 as an affiliate company, thus expanding our scope to a true global realm an...
Briguette Carstensen

Why DoD's Current Approach to Cyber Won't Work

Because we don't build forts to protect soldiers... we don't build planes to leave them on the tarma...
Tom Muehleisen, CISSP and LTC (R) (11A/30A/53A)

Cybersecurity Challenge - 2017

As we begin this new year, now is the time to state our market position. Moving forward as CBA Inc....
David Shaw, CEO CBA Inc.

Including Cyber Security from Concept to Release

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expec...
Terry L Davis, P.E.

The Gap in ICS Cyber Security - Cyber Security of Level 1 Field Devices

Control Systems Cybersecurity Expert, Joseph M. Weiss, is an international authority on cybersecurit...
Joseph M. Weiss

The Woes of Credit Cards

Last Saturday I was making a regular review of my bank accounts and discovered an unauthorized activ...
David Shaw, CEO CBA Inc.

ID Theft – a Growing and Personal Cyber Threat

Well, the saga of ID theft continues to plague our household. We dutifully completed our 2016 perso...
David Shaw, CEO CBA Inc.

Travel Security

“George Friedman (Founder and CEO, Stratfor) used to brag about how he never worried about compute...
Jeffery Carr Founder, Suits and Spooks; Author of “Inside Cyber Warfare (O’Reilly Media, 2009,